My Label Maker Love Affair

When Emily was just an infant, we needed to label pretty much everything that went with her to daycare. So we decided a label maker would be nice to have and bought a Brother P-Touch.

The fact that the laminated label tape stayed on Emily’s bottles for months – with daily washings – was impressive. Because even permanent marker won’t last through all that.

OMG. The capabilities of this thing could make any “Type A” girl swoon.

So durability is one of its super powers. But that’s not all. This rockin’ organizational tool helps you prevent chaos from returning. Because a funny thing happens once you label something – everyone now knows where things belong. And they are more likely to put things away. Where they belong. And that’s priceless. This thing is possibly worth its weight in gold.

And thus began my label maker love affair.

Okay. Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. And ridiculous. (And an apology to Jeff who is most likely asking himself what is wrong with his wife…)

But I have to admit I can be a little bit obsessive about using the label maker every time I reorganize a closet or a room. Remember my scrapbook area?


I *heart* how all of my supplies are separated and I can easily find what I need super fast. When I was organizing this scrapbooking area, I first looked at the types of things I use most often. Then I divided it all up into different bins and labeled them with my BFF – the Brother P-Touch.

But that’s not the only area that’s been “touched”…

Our master bath is in desperate need of more organized storage. We have a basic builder vanity that is wide open underneath behind the doors. With no shelves, no drawers and plenty of wasted space. UGH. I want a “do-over”.

But for now, I can keep things manageable with plastic drawers in our linen closet. Labeled neatly of course.

You might notice that the drawers are labeled for just Emily and I. Because guys don’t exactly need much stuff to get themselves ready each day. Which of course is one of the great injustices in life.

To further demonstrate the complete unfairness of that, I must tell you how Jeff combs his hair. He has short, almost military hair which doesn’t really need combing. But he likes to comb it anyway. Quickly. And then he says, “Done.” To tease me just a little.

All this while I’m still blow-drying my hair. And before I apply makeup, style my hair, etc. Every day. Like that doesn’t get old. Or feel unfair. Ever. (Just kidding, honey. You know I find you absolutely hilarious every time. Really. For sure.)

Sorry, a little off topic, but you’ve got to know by now that I’m easily distracted. Especially by random thoughts. And shiny things. And don’t forget about cute shoes. Seriously.

Anyway, the office closet is filled with my art, craft, photography and scrapbooking supplies. So it’s no surprise that I label this stuff too.

We already know that the laminated tapes stick well to plastic, but check out these canvas bins. Worked pretty good on these too.

You can also get iron-on tapes for use in the label makers too. Which is super cool. But I haven’t tried those. Because while I dearly love our label maker, I feel exactly the opposite way about our iron.

So what else do we label regularly? DVDs, cords, chargers, folders and binders, to name a few. When we inherit DVDs from family members, I like to add their initials on back of the case so we know who to return to later. And since we have a lot of gadgets around here, labeling cords and chargers remind us which electronic item (camera, phone, video camera, computer toy, etc.) it belongs to. And I have big dreams about how to organize other spaces in our house with it.

Because for me, seeing my stuff perfectly organized and neatly labeled makes me happy. And gives me the illusion that I have control over a corner of my crazy, busy life.

How about you? What have you labeled lately? Do you have any strange organizational product obsessions too?


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  1. Oh my, I’m inspired! And I wish I was even 1/2 this organized! I have open cabinets for bathroom vanities, too, and found great wire racks with pull-out drawers at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They fit perfectly and have worked great for us. (I think I’ll try Jeff’s hairstyling tricks, too.)

    • I think I know which wire racks you are talking about from BB&B – I may try those. I have big dreams of getting a new vanity, but I also think about just giving it a makeover. Decisions, decisions… And if you try Jeff’s hairstyling method, I want to see pictures!!!!

  2. Visiting from Mom Bloggers club. I am also from Cleveland. I now live in Pittsburgh. I use to use a labeler, but have gotten away from it. Thanks for the inspiration to use it again!

  3. I love labels. I just bought one at a yard sale and LOVE it. I take it to every room in my house. I am visiting and following you from MBC. please come and visit me.

  4. Hey Michelle- this makes me want to go out an buy a label-er so I can *try* to organize everything in my house. I would love my house to be as organized as yours is :)

    Visiting from MBC- love your blog, and looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Thanks Shel! It’s amazing how organizing things makes me feel better – but don’t let the pictures fool you – there’s a whole lot more organizing that still needs done around my house too! This blog will give me many reasons to get all of that done :)

  5. Hi Michelle! I’m an organizing fanatic as well and can’t believe I didn’t think of using a labeler before, thanks for the great ideas. I love your website and I’m so excited that you decided to do something that makes you so happy! I was a customer at Kelly’s 31 debut. Good luck and take care!

    • Tania – thanks so much! I’m glad you loved the labeler ideas and my site :) It’s so nice to hear from you!

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