The Bad Mood Tornado

I was in the mother of all bad moods yesterday.

I know. Bad moods happen to all of us. But not like this.

This bad mood was a 12 on a 10 point scale. A really BAD mood. The Ultimate of Bad Moods. A don’t-look-at-me, don’t-talk-to-me, don’t-occupy-the-same-room-as-me, horrendous, awful, sunshine-and-laughter-and-cute-4-year-old-girls-cannot-make-me-smile bad mood.

I don’t remember being in a mood like this at home before. Ever. At work, well, maybe. But not at home.

It was like a Bad Mood Tornado.

And, bottom line, it was my fault I was in this mood. I had procrastinated some paperwork until it could be procrastinated no longer. And it wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I had kept up with it monthly. (Banging head on desk)

Instead, I left 12 months worth of paperwork until the last minute and had to get it done while Emily was napping. Great idea in theory. Only Emily isn’t very good at napping anymore. Except at preschool.

She hadn’t been feeling well this weekend, so Jeff and I optimistically thought that she would take a nap or at least play quietly in her room for a few hours. So he left to go to our nephew’s basketball tournament while I tried to work on my procrastinated awfulness.

Instead of napping, Emily kept coming in the office. Every. Five. Minutes. While I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to concentrate. And I found my mood going downhill. Fast. Like a car without brakes.

The paperwork took hours. Pouring over a sea of receipts and logging everything into a spreadsheet. Not my idea of a fun time. Ever. And even less so with a stream of constant interruptions of often the most dramatic proportions.

“I don’t know how to close my eyes.” “There are too many friends (stuffed animals) in my bed.” “I need a band-aid!” “I don’t need to sleep.” “Tell me a story.” “I need a book.” “I need to go potty.” “Where’s my go-to-sleep-fast socks?” “Can I have my big lollipop now?” “I want to watch Winx Club.” “I can’t sleep.” “Sleeping is boring.” “Can we go downstairs now?”

Her preschool drama is so good that she’s going to be an Oscar-winning actress by high school.

It wasn’t just the interruptions that got to me. Or the aggravating paperwork. As if that wasn’t already enough.

It was more the steady dialogue in my head about never having any time for myself. Having to spend my “free time” on crap I didn’t want to do. Having too many projects and not enough time to do them. Working and commuting long hours with little time for the things and people that matter. And being so exhausted that I can’t enjoy the time I do have.

This was fuel for my fiery mood. What this very bad mood was about originally transformed into something much bigger. Like a tornado that spun around sucking every possible negative thought into it.

I kept my Bad Mood Tornado mostly bottled up inside. Mostly.

And so I knew I had to “turn it around.”

When Emily is not listening or is having a bad day, we tell her to “turn it around.” And sometimes she will tearfully tell us, “I turned it around, I turned it around, I turned it around,” when she is trying to get herself out of trouble.

Unfortunately, nobody was going to tell me to “turn it around.” Not in the mood I was in. So I had to do it myself.

Turn it around. Put it in perspective. Chill out. Think of the good stuff. Count my blessings. Put the bad stuff in a bubble and blow it away. Be glad that this one very bad mood is not my usual day. Get over it. Stop the madness…

Did it work?

A hot shower, a few tears and some stern self-talk ended my Bad Mood Tornado.

I turned it around.

So now what?

Time to turn around a few more things:

  1. Don’t procrastinate until it becomes a huge project.
  2. More “me” time. Oh. Yes. Makes a better me.
  3. Hold onto the good things. Let the bad things go. Accept them or change them.

Turn it around.

So what helps you “turn it around” when a Bad Mood Tornado heads your way? Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie? A massage? Time on the treadmill? A primal scream in a sound-proof room? Writing a blog post? Venting with a friend?

Please share in the comment section below. Even if you don’t usually comment. Be anonymous if you want. The answer you just had in your head – type it this time. I know we could all use a laugh or a helpful idea for turning it around…


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  1. Great post and I’m so sorry for your tornado! And glad you could turn it around. Venting with a friend definitely helps, and on rare occasions, there’s nothing like a little shopping spree. Just a little something new for ME!

    • Thanks Sharon! Shopping – that’s a good one! Always great for a mood pick-me-up! :) Unless it’s swimsuit season and I’m not ready for it, if you know what I mean… LOL Thanks for sharing!

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