Better Late Than Never, Valentine

Valentine’s Day was last week. A full week ago to be exact.

Yep. Sure was.

And this post is about Valentine’s Day.

Yep. Sure is.

I just didn’t have time to post it last week before the holiday – especially because Emily and I finished her valentines on Valentine’s Day. Her party at preschool wasn’t until the day after. And I was running just a little behind. Because we had a big dilemma.

So no judging. Please.

I had seen a valentine idea on Pinterest weeks ago that I loved. A “You Color My World With Happiness” valentine attached to a small box of crayons. Super cute! But I wanted to put my own colorful spin on it (think: bright colors and chevron design) and couldn’t wait to do it.

It almost didn’t happen though. Even though I’d been planning it for weeks.

Last Monday, Emily had finally perfected how to draw a heart. She was quite proud and kept drawing them over and over again.

Pretty good, isn’t it? And not bad for a 4 year old.

Except for the fact that this heart was crayoned on my WALL. Seriously. Shut the front door. My WALL.

Now some of you moms might be chuckling because you’ve had your own crayon vs. the wall experience and know the feeling. Or maybe you are shaking your head because my kid has nothing on your kid who created a huge mural on your wall. And that maybe I should Get. Over. It.

But no matter. It was MY WALL!

And my child who has not done anything even remotely like this EVER.

So here’s how this all went down. We were getting ready to go upstairs for a bath when she says, “Mama, I have to show you something I did.” I get up to follow her.

She turns and admits, “I colored on the wall.”

My head exploded. Seriously. I may have sat back down before catapulting myself like a slingshot to the scene of the crime.

After I regained my vision from the head explosion, I let her know she was in trouble. Big. Trouble. But that it would have been BIGGER. TROUBLE. If she hadn’t told me about it.

And then I put her to work with a rubber glove and a magic eraser.

No crayons for a week. They were put up out of her reach. And there was lots of conversation about appropriate surfaces for her artistic experiments.

And that while we all make mistakes sometimes, it’s always better to ‘fess up and face the music rather than try to get away with it and get found out in the end.

Shortly afterwards, the irony sunk in.

Valentine’s week. Super cute valentine with a box of crayons. And the first time – and better also be the last time – my walls were crayoned.

Isn’t it ironic.

So then I debated. Do we still do the crayon valentine? Even though she won’t be able to sign her name in crayon on them? Should we choose something else?

I’ll admit I was a bit paralyzed by what the right thing to do was. So I got a later than expected start on Emily’s valentine cards.

In the end, I still bought the crayons, still created the chevron valentine, and still let Emily help assemble them. But instead of letting her sign her name in crayon, I typed her name on the design (probably easier anyway).

No crayons were used by Emily in the making of the valentines. I guess, really, that is, until we taped the valentine onto the actual boxes of crayons. But there was no coloring involved.

The valentines were taped to the top of the hang tab on the crayons and folded back behind and secured from the back as well. Here’s how they turned out…


We didn’t go completely candy-free. We taped a heart-shaped lollipop to the back of the crayon box for an added valentine touch.

I wrote the name of each classmate on the top – mostly because I forgot to print them that way. But either way works…

We tried to fit the crayon pack designs to the interests of each classmate.

The boys in Emily’s class are all obsessed with super heroes. And zombies. But that’s a story for another day. So we chose super hero, princess, mermaid and other girly crayon designs.

So did anyone else get creative for Valentine’s Day? Any good Valentine-making or Valentine party stories? And what about the old coloring on the wall trick? Has your little darling done it? Do tell…


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A disclaimer: I did darken Emily’s heart drawing in Photoshop some to improve contrast so that you could see it. I didn’t think to document the crime until she was cleaning it off the wall and the color had faded significantly.

And an apology: Sorry for those 2 grainy iPhone photos of the wall. I didn’t use my “good” camera. I didn’t really want Emily to see me taking these two pictures. Mixed messages and all. Since normally I pull out the camera for cuteness. And. This. Was. Definitely. Not. Cute. At. All.


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  1. muwahahahaha…. A disclaimer?? you crack me up!! Crayon on wall? check. Crayon on wall paper? check. ink name craved into wooden dresser? check. names on bunk beds? check. finger nail polish on porch swing given to me for Mother’s day? check (by the boys). those are what I can remember… with five I guess it keeps happening…. The kids have been making their own Valentines for about 6/7 years. A lot of great ideas on Pinterest…. Love it!!. Hey, just think… she is normal!!

    • That was one evil sounding laugh over my distress – LOL! Sounds like you’ve seen more than your fair share of crayon marks and other “creative endeavors”… I think I would faint. But I guess maybe you become a little more immune each time it happens? Or maybe not! But you are right, I am glad to know it’s proof she’s normal. As if all of the “not listening” we experience daily wasn’t proof enough for me!! :) Glad I could give you a laugh today and bring back a few memories. I need to hear more about how the boys got the finger nail polish on the porch swing…

  2. They had found the red nail polish and thought they would “decorate” the swing… Fran hadnt’ stained it yet, so…. polish still there…. At first I was “pissed”. then… it just got to there was other things to worry about…. Just like them breaking things…. At first I would get upset and cry, and then I realized that the things they broke were just “things” and it was an accident, and not to get upset….

    • I guess it becomes one of those “boys will be boys” moments? Way to put it in perspective that it’s just “things” – always good to remember the truly important things in life. And the “things” that are important aren’t “things”… You are a very wise mom!

  3. Believe me it is hard…. Travis pulled the cord on his Pooh Bear Honey pot Lamp, and of course it fell and broke. I cried…. Then Jarrett broke his baseball piggy bank his godmother gave him…. I glued it together and he broke it again….. They broke Santa’s Cookie plate, ( I was able to glue it, but you can tell). Tiny Chips on my village, (that is why I didnt put it up for years)…. Believe me I was upset… But yes, they are just things….

  4. Crayons on walls? Amateur! I remember carving pictures in my mom’s dining room table. Yep, there was no erasing those pictures. Did I ever get in trouble!

    • LOL!!! Sharon!! I have to confess that I actually did something similar where I scraped designs into the varnish of my mom’s kid-size roll-top desk that she passed down to me when I was young. I guess the poetic justice is that now I am the mom who has passed this desk to my daughter, and the scratches drive me crazy!!! I have to decide whether to refinish it or paint it or look at those scratches for as long as it remains in my house…

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