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  1. Oh my goodness, to be a mom of only one…. :) Yelling does not work, but so hard with five… That lesson is hard for me. Lesson two worked when they were little. Singing the clean up song was the best, and Lesson three, I am a pro at that one. Spencer wore his peter pan shirt everywhere, and his cowboy boots… even in the summer with shorts.(drove Fran crazy)… Mikayla has worn a princess dress to the store. I didnt care as long as their face was clean… :) I still have problems with them doing chores at 16!! Loading and unloading the dish washer is soooooo hard…. lol.

    • Seashell says:

      And so hard for us to be patient while they are busy making big drama of those little things like dishwasher duty, isn’t it?!!! You aren’t exactly making me feel better here about it getting better any time soon! LOL!!!! But at least I know I’m not alone :)

  2. Oh, dont get discouraged at all…. Mikayla is the best at doing chores btw…. Boys not as much. Jarrett will help out when it his choice…. lol. Also, wanted to say I agree about not making sure you check the corners of the floor. I figure as long as it looks better, and no noticeable mess, I am happy with the effort. :)

    • Seashell says:

      Glad to hear Mikayla is the best at it – maybe Emily will be that way too. Okay, so that does make me feel a little better now :)

  3. Uhm, yeah, good luck with all that!

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