Let it Snow, Let it Snow, DIY Snow Globe

Tomorrow’s the first day of Spring. Spring! SPRING!!!

I’d choreograph a little dance number to show how excited I am about that, except…

Today there was snow.

Snow! SNOW!!! Seriously? For real.

I was so not appreciating the snow. But, I guess if you gotta have snow the day before Spring, this snow was almost perfect.

Very, very light. Softly swirling around. Not sticking to anything. Not making  my hairspray a gooey mess. No slick roads.

Almost perfect…

What would I call perfect snow?

The kind in a snow globe that you can conjure up without the 30 degree temperatures.

I made this snow globe for Emily’s first birthday party (Winter One-derland). It’s one of about 10 that I made for party favors.

I made the snow globes beforehand because they take a while to dry, and at the party I gave the kids stickers to add to the outside with a strip of vellum that had their name on it.

I’ve been meaning to post instructions for quite a while, so here’s one last wintery project before Spring arrives.

You’ll need:

  • Glass jar (baby food or any other food jar)
  • Paint for lid
  • Plastic toy or ceramic figurine 
  • Silicone (in the craft store glue aisle)
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin (at your local drugstore)
  • Glitter
  • Strip of vellum and marker (optional)

Tips & How-To’s:

  1. Clean and dry the jar and lid thoroughly, removing the label and any adhesive residue left.  TIP: Vegetable oil is great at removing the adhesive residue. Just put some on a paper towel, put over the adhesive for a couple minutes and then rub until gone. Be sure to wash with soap and water afterwards to remove any oil from the surface.
  2. Paint the lid and let dry.
  3. Turn lid upside down so that the inside is facing up. Using silicone, glue plastic toy or ceramic figurine to the center of the inside of the lid. The possibilities of what to put inside your snow globes are endless! (My plastic toys came from Oriental Trading Company.) Let the silicone dry completely. TIP: Don’t use any toys or figures made of metal unless you like rusty water.
  4. Fill the jar halfway with distilled water.  Add a little glitter and a couple drops of glycerin to the water – just a little to help slow the glitter as it falls. Fill jar the rest of the way with distilled water.
  5. Squeeze a line of silicone around the inside of the jar lid. Over the sink, turn the lid over so that the figurine is pointed down and screw the lid onto the glass jar all the way. Water will overflow into the sink, but you want to have the jar as full as possible to reduce the number of air bubbles at the top.
  6. Dry the jar off and carefully wipe any extra silicone off. Add a little silicone along the edge of the lid to ensure a watertight seal. Smooth the silicone so that it seals the area between the jar and the lid well. Let dry overnight.
  7. Glue a strip of vellum to top of jar and add name (optional). Enjoy your new snow globe.

The snow globes pictured above have lasted over 3 years.  This is a great party favor for any birthday party – just match the toy inside to your party theme.  

So that’s the final winter craft of the year – let’s bring on Spring!!! What have you been crafting lately? 


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  1. We did these this year in class, but we brought in a heavy coat, mittens and hats from someone who had gone on a ski trip, because in Florida, most kids never wear those bulky winter things. We took their pictures all dressed up. Then we laminated the pictures and put those inside the snow globe. They had to write a story about what happened one time when they were trapped in a snow globe and we sent these home as presents for their family for the holidays. They turned out super cute! I am not sure if the laminating will hold up forever, but they have lasted three months at least. :-)

  2. What a great idea these are. You can use them as party favours, gifts or just as crafts with the kids. I am definitely going to give this one a go :-)

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