So Easy Easter Egg Coloring

It’s time to color Easter eggs for the holiday, and if you’ve got little ones, you’re going to *love* this tip.

Emily’s first time coloring eggs resulted in spilled dye and dyed little fingers (and more) – because no matter how hard I tried to prevent it, she was determined to stick her hands into every color.

Then I read a great tip in a parenting magazine (unfortunately I’ve forgotten which one since it was a couple years ago so I can’t give credit).

Some of the precautions we take before we color eggs are:

  • Cover clothes with a big shirt (an old shirt of mommy’s or daddy’s works great)
  • Cover the counter with a layer of Press ‘n Seal to protect the dye from seeping through, and a few layers of newspaper on top of that to absorb any spills
  • Cover the floor in the same way if it’s a surface that could be stained

Once you’ve got your egg dye ready, then slide the eggs into a whisk for easier holding (a handle is always helpful for little kids). I love that this helps to protect against dropping and breakage. Take the egg out of the whisk when the coloring is complete.

Hope this makes your Easter coloring just a little easier! What are your best Easter holiday tips?


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  1. Yvonne Bahr says:

    Very Good Idea!!!!! I hope it works with Cody!!!

  2. Yvonne Bahr says:

    Michelle I love your website and love all the pictures of my beautiful Grandaughter!!!! Keep them coming. I always miss her when I,m away from her.

  3. Great tip, and what a great photo, too. So cute (and “shareable”).

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